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After several years of breeding Chinese Cresteds, we decided to try one more breed. The Chihuahuas are spunky little toys. We are striving for the unique colors of Chihuahuas. We are working on breeding blues, brindles, and merles. Health and temperament always come first. All of our Chihuahuas are very sweet, loving dogs, that show no sign of aggression to humans. If you have any questions about the Chihuahua, email me,


Our Chihuahuas

Dogs (Males)

Chihuahua Line

Carling's Blue Wonder "Buster" (Blue Brindle)

Buster in the gardenBuster between the plantsBuster

Chihuahua Line

Bitches (Females)

Chihuahua Line

Carling's One in a Million "Lucy" (Merle Long Coat)


Chihuahua Line

Carling's Blue Star "Star" (Blue and White)


Chihuahua Line

Carling's Daisy Dukes "Daisy" (White with tan spots and green eyes)


Chihuahua Line

Picket fence

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